I'll start it off ^^

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I'll start it off ^^ Empty I'll start it off ^^

Post by Yui on Tue May 21, 2013 12:59 am

Hey, so no one's posting anything, besides Mitsuko of course, but other than that, I thought I needed to do something, so I'll just start it off~

I liked to be addressed as Yui or Yami, but preferably Yui. Hmm...I like talking in third person, so I'll do the rest of introduction in it.
Yui likes mysteries, dark humor, and psychological horror, but when it comes to manga, anything will do as long as it's interesting. Yui dreams of being a writer/manga-ka, composer, and pianist/violinist. In her free time, she likes to practice archery, and fencing, in addition to all that, she likes gaming, but absolutely hates studying. Fortunately Yui-sama was blessed with a good memory.

Yui also likes her dramas, whether it be korean, japanese, or chinese. Her motto is: "Whatever's good." < If you can interpret that correctly, I applaud you.
She likes going by the name of Yagami Yui / Yui Yagami, and is extremely lazy, but can be fast while working. She dislikes administration work.

I'll start it off ^^ Barajo10

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