Hi Everyone!! XD

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Hi Everyone!! XD Empty Hi Everyone!! XD

Post by Plumdrop on Tue May 21, 2013 5:26 am

Since Yui-chan (is that alright?? OwO) started saying hi, might as well too. ^_^

Proofreader Plumdrop at your service! I can be quite straightforward at times but please don't think that I hate you. I love a myriad of things but it's always simple things. Peach and cherry blossoms are my favorite flowers including forget-me-nots. I love chocolate~ Especially chocolate fudge cake! And tea!!! All cool colors are my favorite (including black and white.. though they aren't technically colors :I )

Hrrm... what else..? Well, I play badminton and am trying my best to be really good at it. I only got serious about it recently but I guess I'm doing pretty okay. I don't run around the court like a headless chicken anymore.

The genres I often keep coming back to in reading/watching anime/manga are fantasy, romance, humor, mystery, psychological, shojou, sometimes even shounen. I'm not really a fan of yaoi/yuri but I'm also not a hater. I guess.. just indifferent. Smile I love RPG games but since I pretty much devote my time to studying... I can't play enough. I love, love, love FREAKIN love cats! I have an eight-month old kitten named Siopao and he's just an angel. Or a devil.. as long as you give him his favorite toy.. you're on safe ground. He's also the funniest, giving you surprise attacks then running away. He's also fluffy. (=w=) But it's hard brushing his fur. Goodness knows how fluffy he is. :>

That's it! I do hope we all get along. Wink See ya!

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