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Hayachine! Empty Hayachine!

Post by ~Iris~ on Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:35 pm


Hayachine! C6e693186adbd40fc5f4a0762b1a54ad

Related Title(s): N/A
Manga-ka: Fukumorida Aiko
Status: 2 volumes (ongoing)
Genre: Fantasy | Romance | Shounen | Slice of Life


After the death of their parents, the three siblings Seiji, Kozue and Shima get taken in by their uncle and move from Tokyo to Ohasama in the countryside. Will they be able to adapt to their new life in the middle of nowhere? A lighthearted slice of life story begins...

Staff currently working on this project:

Translator: Jenixe
Cleaner: Tsukari741
Typesetter: Shiratori, Roxas
QC: Iris
Proofreader: ?


Chapter 1


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